Best Areas to Stay in Boa Vista, Brazil

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Where to stay in Boa Vista – A guide to the border city in northern Brazil

Boa Vista, capital of the state of Roraima, is one of the most important cities in northern Brazil, located on the right bank of the Branco River.

The city is a road link point with Venezuela, Guyana and the Caribbean, and is 230km from Mount Roraima.

Boa Vista has a tropical climate that varies between 20 and 36°C. Although, in general, it is a very hot city, at night it gets cooler.

This city is divided into two seasons, winter and summer, but it is from December to March when it is best to visit it to enjoy good weather.

Boa Vista has the Boa Vista-Atlas Brasil Cantanhede International Airport, with flights that connect it with other cities in Brazil, and is located just three kilometers from the City Center.

In addition, it has a transport system that is divided between buses and taxis.

The route to reach Boa Vista by land is formed by two roads that cross the city and connect it to Guyana, Manaus and the border with Venezuela.

In Boa Vista, the sites of interest are related to the Branco River that runs through the city and, in its surroundings, you’ll find the Civic Center, the bridge, the viewpoint of the River and its wide boulevards.

The City Center, in addition to gathering the most significant sites, is the best area to stay in Boa Vista for hosting a variety of comfortable and affordable hotels to all budgets. (See accommodation in City Center).

Here’s a guide with the best areas to stay in Boa Vista, Brazil.

The best areas to stay in Boa Vista

1. Our favorite area: City Center

Boa Vista City Center is located around the Branco River.

It stands out for the well-preserved old houses full of history, as well as being crossed by the main avenues of the city.

Among the tourist attractions in this area, it is worth mentioning the Civic Center square, considered the heart of the city.

Around it is where the main administrative buildings, hotels, and restaurants of Buena Vista are located.

A famous symbol of Boa Vista is the Monument to the Miner, located in the center of the square, which pays tribute to everyone who contributed to the development and progress of the region.

Another important site here is the Ayrton Senna Sports Complex, equipped with sports courts, bars, cafes, restaurants, and trails.

Indigenous handicrafts also have a place in this area of ​​Boa Vista, in a Handicraft Center where you can buy typical and traditional objects.

In addition, the center of Boa Vista is adorned by the Plaza de las Aguas, which houses a lighted fountain of different tones that vary according to the music played in the square.

Anauá Park is a point of interest in the area because it is the largest in the Northern Region of Brazil, with an important collection of botany, geology, zoology, and archeology.

On the banks of the Branco River, you’ll find Taumanan Orla, a structure on the right bank of the river, and a famous stage for the concerts of popular Brazilian-Brazilian music.

This is the best area to stay in Boa Vista for nightlife, as its live music and samba fill the city with color and joy.

The Cristo Redentor cathedral with its modern architecture and the Our Lady of Carmen Mother Church are other emblematic monuments of the City Center, one of the best areas to stay in Boa Vista.

Where to stay in Boa Vista - City Center

Where to stay in Boa Vista – City Center

Best areas to stay in Boa Vista - City Center

Best areas to stay in Boa Vista – City Center

Accommodation in Boa Vista City Center – Click on the map to see all accommodation in this area

Accommodation in Boa Vista City Center – Click on the map to see all accommodation in this area

Why we love this area for a stay in Boa Vista:

  • Monument to the Miner
  • Heart of the city
  • Anauá Park
  • Best area for nightlife
  • Cristo Redentor Cathedral
  • Good restaurants

Accommodation in this area

Top Choice

Hotel Euzebio´s

Euzebio’s offers practical accommodation with air conditioning and a private bathroom in the center of Boa Vista, less than 1 km from the Civic Center Square. Swimming pool, free WiFi and complimentary parking are available.

from US$38

Hotel Mecejana

Hotel Mecejana is located in Boa Vista. It has free WiFi connection. All rooms have TV and air conditioning. The private bathroom also includes a cold shower. Extras include desk.

from US$19

Boa Vista Eco Hotel

The Boa Vista Eco Hotel has spacious rooms with fine furniture and contemporary paintings. They are equipped with 32-inch LCD TV, minibar and air conditioning. On the female floor, special services are provided.

from US$59



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