Best Areas to Stay in Ibagué, Colombia

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Where to Stay in Ibagué – A Guide to the Musical City of Colombia

Ibagué is the capital of the department of Tolima and one of the most visited cities in Colombia, thanks to its cultural wealth.

The city is located in the center-west of Colombia, between the Combeima Canyon and the Magdalena Valley, near the Nevado de Tolima.

Also called the musical capital of Colombia, Ibagué is one of the most colorful cities in the country and in South America, with attractions such as Boga, Mohán Tulima, Mohán Pijao, the Telecommunications Monument and the Ibagué Locomotive that are allusive to the traditions and history of this city.

The landscapes of Ibagué, such as those of the Los Nevados National Natural Park, which includes Nevado del Ruiz, Nevado de Santa Isabel, and Nevado del Tolima, are worth visiting and photographing during any season.

However, it must be taken into account that the average temperature in Ibagué is 75ºF (24°C), and September is the best month to visit the city and explore its attractions.

The main air terminal in Ibagué is the Perales National Airport, in charge of connecting this city with the rest of Colombia.

As for public transport, Ibagué has a bus terminal and a large number of taxi companies. It is also a pedestrian-friendly and can be explored by bicycle.

The hub of entertainment, culture, and leisure in Ibagué is the City Center, where the best Tolimense food restaurants, museums, the theater, the Bank of the Republic of Colombia, the Casa de la Moneda and the famous Conservatorio de Música del Tolima are located.

Therefore, the best area to stay in Ibagué is the City Center since it has all kinds of accommodation, from hostels to the most luxurious hotels in the city (See hotels in City Center).

Here’s a guide with the best areas to stay in Ibagué, Colombia.

The Best Areas to Stay in Ibagué, Colombia

1.Our Favorite Area: City Center

The central area of ​​Ibagué stands out for hosting several festivals and for housing a large number of attractions.

Among the points of interest in this area are the San Jorge Botanical Garden, Centennial Park, and Plaza Simón Bolívar, where the cathedral is located.

Likewise, here, you’ll find the Music Park and the Acoustic Shell Garzón and Collazos, where many concerts are held.

Near the City Center is the so-called “Zona T” of the city, which houses the Multicentro shopping center, La Estación shopping center, Aqua shopping center and the World Trade Center, making it the best area to stay in Ibagué for shopping.

Next to the Ferrocarril avenue is the bus terminal, in addition to numerous bus stops and taxis that make this the area with the best transport connections in Ibagué.

The City Center is an ideal area for walking and exploring the attractions on foot.

However, it also has many bicycle lanes that offer a different option to move around the city.

Among the best areas to stay in Ibagué, the Center stands out, thanks to its hotels, entertainment, historical attractions, festivals, and gastronomy.

Where to stay in Ibagué - City Center

Where to stay in Ibagué – City Center

Best areas to stay in Ibagué - Central area

Best areas to stay in Ibagué – Central area

Accommodation in Ibagué City Center - Click on the map to see all available accommodation in this area

Accommodation in Ibagué City Center – Click on the map to see all available accommodation in this area

Why we love this area for a stay in Ibagué:

  • Best area for sightseeing
  • Pedestrian friendly
  • Festivals and events
  • Heart of the city
  • Best area for shopping
  • Great hotels and restaurants

Accommodation in this area

Top Choice

Casa Morales Hotel Internacional y Centro de Convenciones

Casa Morales has a landscaped pool, a small bridge, gym and sauna, and offers elegant décor.

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Hotel Ambeima

Hotel Ambeima is located in Ibagué. It also has a 24-hour reception, a shared lounge and free WiFi throughout. Private parking is available for a fee.

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Sonesta Hotel Ibagué

Located in Ibagué, Sonesta Hotel Ibagué has a bar and terrace. It also has a restaurant, 24-hour reception, room service and free WiFi throughout.

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