Best Areas to Stay in Bucaramanga, Colombia

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Where to stay in Bucaramanga – A guide to the capital of Santander

Bucaramanga is the fifth largest metropolitan area in Colombia and the capital of the department of Santander.

This city is located in eastern Colombia, on the Cordillera Oriental, a branch of the Andes mountain range and on the banks of the Oro River.

Founded in 1622, Bucaramanga has lost much of its colonial heritage to become one of the largest and most modern cities in Colombia.

The center may lack many in attractions, but this Andean city is an excellent starting point to visit Giron, the mountains of the Colombian Eastern Andes or as a stop on the road for those who travel from Bogota to the coast or Venezuela.

Its pleasant climate and its growing cultural offer make Bucaramanga one of the emerging destinations in Colombia. The best part is that, unlike Medellin or the Caribbean cities, Bucaramanga is not yet invaded by tourists, so it is a pleasant place to try the local culture.

Dubbed “The City of Parks”, Buca, as it is known by the locals, has several green spaces. This city lights up at night, when dozens of clubs, hundreds of bars and students from its 10 universities go out to dance until dawn.

Parque de Santander is the heart of Buca. Further to the east are new and elegant neighborhoods with hotels and nightclubs.

Cabecera de Llano, a luxury area in the eastern part of Bucaramanga, has the highest concentration of accommodation, restaurants, and nightlife. (See accommodation in Bucaramanga).

This is a guide with the best areas to stay in Bucaramanga.

The best areas to stay in Bucaramanga

1. Our favorite area: Cabecera del Llano

Cabecera del Llano is located in the east of the city of Bucaramanga.

This area is considered one of the best upper and upper-middle-class neighborhoods in Bucaramanga.

Cabecera extends approximately between Carreras 33 and 42 and streets 41 and 56, forming an irregular polyhedron next to the eastern mountains of the city.

Cabecera del Llano is the most modern area of Bucaramanga, full of residential buildings and office skyscrapers.

This area also concentrates an infinite number of leisure and food options. Some of the best bars and clubs in the city can be found here.

Most of Buca’s international hotels are in this area, which is also one of the safest neighborhoods to stay in Bucaramanga.

Best area to stay in Bucaramanga - Cabecera de Llano

Best area to stay in Bucaramanga – Cabecera de Llano

Why is this a recommended area to stay in Bucaramanga:

  • Great nightlife
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Safe area to stay

Accommodation in this area

Our Top Pick

Hampton By Hilton Bucaramanga

The Hampton By Hilton Bucaramanga, located in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods. It offers a fitness center, a hot tub, a Sky lobby on the 13th floor and free Wi-Fi in all areas.

from US$59

Casa de Pinos Hostal

La Casa de Pinos Hostal Sede Cabecera is located in Bucaramanga and has a garden and a terrace. The property was built in 2002 and offers free WiFi.

from US$26

Hotel Dann Carlton

The 5-star Hotel Dann Carlton is located in the exclusive neighborhood of Bucaramanga. It offers luxury accommodation and panoramic views of the pool from the sun terrace and the rooftop pool.

from US$99



2. Zona Rosa

Like other cities such as Mexico City, Bogota or Medellin, Bucaramanga has a Zona Rosa, an area of shopping and night entertainment.

Bucaramanga’s Zona Rosa is located north of Cabecera, in the eastern part of the city, on Calle 31 between Carreras 33 and 34.

Most of the nightclubs in Bucaramanga open (officially) until 2:00 or 4:00 am according to their license. Nightclubs play all kinds of music, from electronic and reggaeton to vallenato.

Zona Rosa is connected to the rest of the city by buses.

This is the best area to stay in Bucaramanga for those who love to party.

Due to its strong police presence, Zona Rosa is also a safe area to stay in Bucaramanga.

Best area to stay in Bucaramanga - Centro

Best area to stay in Bucaramanga – Centro

Why is this a recommended area to stay in Bucaramanga:

  • Very central
  • Best area for nightlife
  • Safe area to stay

Accommodation in this area

Our Top Pick

Apartamento Montecarlo

Montecarlos 1204 is located in Bucaramanga, in the Santander region, and offers a terrace. Free Wi-Fi is available. The building has a sauna and an outdoor pool.

from US$37

Hotel Houston

Hotel Houston is a 10-minute walk from the Megamall Shopping Center and the Bucaramanga Modern Art Museum in Bucaramanga. It offers free WiFi and parking.

from US$24

Hotel Buena Vista

Hotel Buena Vista offers a pool, spa, gym and rooms with free Wi-Fi and heating in Bucaramanga. Breakfast is served and there is a restaurant. The commercial area is 600 meters away.

from US$57



3. Centro

Bucaramanga Centro is the city’s cradle and where some of the most representative monuments of the capital of Santander are located.

Bucaramanga was founded in 1622 and developed around what is now the García Rovira Park. Throughout the centuries, the center of the city moved towards the east, and today Santander Park is the true heart of Bucaramanga.

Much of the colonial architecture of the city has been demolished with the passage of time, being replaced by mixed-use buildings. However, some squares and corners in the Historic Center still retain part of the flavor of Bucaramanga of yesteryear.

As it is common in many Latin American cities, Downtown Bucaramanga is a busy place of commerce during the day, but at night it is not advisable to walk through its streets, particularly in dark or solitary places.

Centro’s southeastern area and the surroundings of the Bolivar Park are a bit safer, more pleasant and offer some quality accommodation options.

Best area to stay in Bucaramanga - Centro

Best area to stay in Bucaramanga – Centro

Why is this a recommended area to stay in Bucaramanga:

  • Heart of the city
  • Squares and colonial architecture
  • Commercial atmosphere

Accommodation in this area

Our Top Pick

Hotel Ciudad Bonita

Hotel Ciudad Bonita, located in Bucaramanga, offers rooms with free Wi-Fi and plasma TVs. In addition, it has a swimming pool, gym and restaurant. Breakfast is served and there is free parking.

from US$44

La Pera Hotel

La Pera Hotel has a shared lounge and is located in Bucaramanga, 5 km from the center of CENFER. Nearby places of interest include the Consulate of Spain and the Municipal Institute of Culture and Tourism.

from US$31

Hotel Internacional La Triada

This hotel is located in the commercial and financial center of Bucaramanga and offers breakfast and free parking. It has a fitness center, hot tub and Turkish bath. Hotel Internacional La Triada has rooms with free Wi-Fi.

from US$55



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